Sunday, October 9, 2011

Top 5 Sunday with Larissa's Bookish Life #12

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Each week Larissa features a top 5 of something and this weeks topic is:

It's a tie! But I'm choosing....

Inappropriate Romance Reading Spots!

1. Church! This kinda speaks for itself, doesn't it? I mean, it's church. You can't be getting all hot and "happy" like that in church, lol. It's just not right.

2. In The Living Room (when there's someone there). This may not sound so bad at first glance, but when your parents are sitting on the couch next to you and you little brother is talking about what he did a soccer practise it just doesn't work.

3. School. Supposed to be focusing on your maths work, but instead you've got your head in a romance book? Not a good idea. At best you don't get your work done, at worst the teacher catches you and reads what you were reading out loud *gulp*

4. On Public Transport. Again, this may not seem so bad on the surface, but if you've ever gotten so "caught up" in one these kinds of books and missed your stop you'll know what I'm talking about. Plus, it's public never know who might be watching or reading over your shoulder.

5. Work. Very similar to school, the last thing you want is to be caught by your colleagues, or worse boss, with your head between the pages of a romance novel. Even on your break you risk getting caught, so no....probably not a good idea.

Some odd places to read romance novels. Let me know what your strangest place you've ever read a romance novel is?

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  1. LOL I'm with you on the first one. That's a no go. I do the rest though. It's easier with a ereader because no one can see the cover!

    How about In the bathroom as a no go. So dampens the mood LOL!


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