Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lauren Kate Book Signing!

Although there are tonnes of books I love it's very rare that we get authors visiting Australia. Lately though, we've had quite a few stop Down Under, but I often can't find the time to go see them in the city. So you can imagine my surprise when my little brother (yes, my brother) tells me yesterday that, "that author" is going to be in my little town signing books. First I'm wondering which author and when, so of course I'm excited as all hell when I see it's Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series and she's going to be there THE NEXT DAY!

It's my mum's birthday (Happy Birthday mum!) and the fabulous woman that she is agrees to go and spend a couple of hours with me in line to get my books signed. I got there 2 hours before and was actually the first one there, but by the time I went and looked a round a bit and bought Torment and Passions, because I've only read Fallen so far, there are a few people and I'm about the 6th one to see her.

The Signing:

They held it in our local Big W and you can't see it from the pictures, but the line was massive. It stretched on and on. I was so glad I got there early. Oh, and that's my mummy dearest with the coffee cup in her hand, lol.

Someone jumped in front of my phone when I was about to take this pick. At the very last moment.

Lauren was just sooooo lovely. She spoke with everyone for a while and happily posed for pictures. Apparently she'd love to live in Australia and if now nice she was was anything to go by, we'd love to have her here.

At this point I thinks she was telling me how this was only the second signing she'd been to since she'd begun her tour Down Under. Again, she was so friendly and softly spoke--just a great person to meet.

Lauren and me posing. We actually had to take this photo a couple of times because my mum couldn't work the camera on my phone. Ha! But Lauren was so patient about it, which I appreciated.

My signed books:




It was such a nice day and I'm so thrilled to have gone!


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