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Book Shelf: The Third Kiss (Love's Mortal Coil #1) by Kat Colmer

Love curses don’t exist. At least that’s what Jonas, master of the meaningless hookup, tells himself when a letter warns him he’s an Eros Guardian cursed to endure a test of true love or forever be alone. His levelheaded longtime friend Cora figures it’s a revenge prank by an ex. The way Jonas stamps each girlfriend with a weeklong use-by date, it serves him right.

But when an impulsive kiss between the two friends reveals potential for more, Cora becomes the target of the Groth Maar: demons sent to wipe out the Eros Guardian line. And suddenly the curse becomes dangerously real.

Breaking the curse means Jonas’s biggest challenge yet. Failure guarantees Cora’s death. But success may cost him his own life…and the loss of his carefully guarded heart to the one girl far too sensible to fall for him.

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Kat Colmer’s debut novel The Third Kiss is a bewitching paranormal YA that is superbly written, features delectable dialogue and tangible characters and will keep you entranced from beginning to end!

Jonas Leander is known for his short-term relationships. The master of meaningless hook-ups, Jonas doesn’t believe in love and certainly isn’t looking for it. The only girls who matter in his life are his twin sister Beth and his next-door neighbor/best friend Cora. A year ago, a reckless moment changed Jonas and Cora’s relationship and now with Cora returning from a year abroad, Jonas knows he’s going to have to face the awkwardness between them. Cora Hammond is thrilled to be back in Australia after a year spent with her mother in Manhattan, even if it means dealing with the fallout over a misplaced kiss between her and Jonas. Jonas has always been her best friend, so all Cora wants is to get to how they were, but when Jonas gets a mysterious letter claiming he’s something known as an Eros Guardian, a descendant of a family line cursed to lose their chance at love, Cora and Jonas are sure one of his disgruntled ex-s are playing a practical joke. Yet when strange things begin happening and Cora is attacked by a group of demons determined to make Jonas’s curse come true, the two best friends will have to face the possibility that not only is the curse dangerously real but facing the truth about their relationship may be the only thing saving Cora’s life. 

Having literally just devoured this novel, I have to say I was very impressed with The Third Kiss and enjoyed it very much. The novel was intelligently told, the prose sharp and the dialogue biting. The Third Kiss honestly was just a well written and solid read all-round. The Third Kiss focuses heavily around the relationships between the characters, driven by the sharp and sizzling chemistry and banter between the two leads Jonas and Cora.
The Third Kiss unfolds through their varying POV’s and includes the perfect amount of paranormal to support the characterizations and relationships we follow. The supernatural elements are there, but it's easy to focus on the interactions between the characters, and their relationships are never lost among the paranormal--it works out to be perfectly balanced. 

As our main characters and focus of the story, it was impossible not to fall in love with both Cora and Jonas. Cora was intelligent, practical, town to earth and also every kick-ass. Colmer writes her very capable; highlighting the importance of self defense and gives Cora a stubborn nature you can't help but cheer for. Jonas on the other hand is very smooth-talking and charming who does care very deeply for his sister, aunt and best friend. He's actually a good guy despite his cheeky--and womanizing--nature and I loved seeing him grow and face his true feelings about Cora. 

There's so much to love about The Third Kiss including the fact author Kat Colmer situates the story in Australia and gives it a very Australian feel that will also satisfy international readers. We're also introduced to Jonas's twin sister Beth who is also Cora's best friend and someone who brought a lot of potential to the story. They have a wonderful friendship together and had strong bonds. It was wonderful seeing the three of them interact as well as Jonas's friend Leo who loves his slogan shirts and isn't all he seems. 

The highlight of the novel for me is easily the relationship between Cora and Jonas. Their romantic development was admittedly somewhat predictable but being a romance as The Third Kiss is, you head into the novel expecting them to obviously fall for one another. What grabbed me is the easy way they interact with each other, the banter, the chemistry and attraction between them. It bleeds through the pages and Kat Colmer has you eagerly turning pages to witness the next electrically charged interaction between them and next smouldering kiss.

The Third Kiss features some interesting mythology I would love to explore more of and enough developments to keep things very interesting. With a breathtaking ending guaranteed to leave you raring for more, I for one can't wait to see what Kat Colmer has in store for these characters next and will be desperately looking for the continuation of what looks like a very promising new series! 

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Entangled TEEN 
Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date:
August 7th 2017 
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Final Thoughts: I honestly adored this book and am so very excited about the prospect of following Beth and Leo in the second novel. Highly recommend The Third Kiss!


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