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Spotlight: Angels of Moirai by Nicole Salmond- Excerpt & Giveaway

Let me introduce you all to Angels of Moirai by Nicole Salmond! Soon to be released on May 3rd, I'm excited to share an excerpt and some awesome teaser pictures with you all today from this novel. I also have an ecopy of Angels of Moirai to give away to one lucky winner!

Since man first walked the earth, the Angels of Moirai have watched over them. Born human, they are taught never to feel, never to become attached, and never to become emotionally compromised.

Eighteen-year-old, Lila Kingston, is haunted by dreams of a mysterious angel. Suddenly, the dramas of her broken family and the snobby, rich kids at her school, fail in comparison to the challenges she must face.

Hailing from the Angels of Moirai, James Taylor has been intrusted with the fate of lives from around the world for over a thousand years. His soul purpose is to ensure every mortal follows their designed path, but when Lila puts that very purpose at risk, he must make a choice, a choice that ultimately leads to devastating consequences of a love never meant to exist.

The choice was never easy, those kind of choices never are…


From Angels of Moirai.....
He let out a breath, and in two strides, he was standing in front of me, his alluring wings stretching out from his back with each step.
“I have lived, I am life, and I am death. I have seen the suffering, the sickness, the torment in life’s pain, but I have also seen the selflessness, enjoyment, and devotion in love. I have experienced pain, and I have loved before. I thought I knew what pain and love was. I thought I had experienced the very depth of that emotion, that was, until I met you.”
He held his hands in my face, his eyes swallowing me whole.
“I am angel, Lila. An angel who has spent over a thousand years watching from a distance what love can do to a man and a woman, a true form of life itself. I was at peace with what I did, my role that I play in this world. I was never to experience the emotions of a human again after my death; we are not designed that way. The moment I saw you in the forest that day… it was like everything I had ever known to be true, suddenly changed, and I began to question everything. I tried endlessly to stay away, to keep my distance, but the more I stayed away, the more I wanted… I needed to be near you. I don’t know what will happen next, but I won’t deny my feelings for you any longer.”
There wasn’t any doubt in my mind what I felt for James. Even after he revealed his true identity to me, my feelings for him had not changed. If anything, in that moment, they had grown even more. I yearned to be with him, to see him in every waking moment. I was calmed by his presence, and lost by his absence.
Was it even possible to feel that for someone I’d just met? Was it even possible to love an angel?
My brain urged me to see sense; to see reason, but I couldn’t. So I kissed him, defying all sense of logic and common sense.  A life with James couldn’t be possible, it couldn’t be real.  Yet, my heart and soul ignored it. I wanted to be with James. 

I grew up on a farm in NSW, Australia.
I have a twin sister who is completely different to me, younger twin sisters who are very similar, and one older brother who has to deal with it all.

I'm married to my childhood sweetheart and have two beautiful girls with him (oh, and a cute little staffy called Rusty!)

I've published three novels- Forever Yours, One Good Reason, and Blackbird.
I'm not perfect. I'm learning with every sentence typed, and every correction made. It's my passion, so as long as I have a story to tell, I will write!

I love Nutella, beach, sun, kids in the bed in the morning, slobbery kisses at night, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, books that consume me, movies, and generally anything romance related!

I live life... You gotta risk it to get the biscuit ;)

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As I previously mentioned, I have an ecopy of Angels of Moirai to giveaway thanks to the lovely Nicole Salmond herself. To enter, simply comment with a way to contact you and let me know what format you would like (PDF, mobi or epub). Giveaway will run from today until May 17th :)

I'd like to say congrats to Nicole on her upcoming release and urge you all to add Angels of Moirai  to your TBR list--it looks pretty darn awesome :)
Kylee Doman--congrats!


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