Sunday, January 8, 2012

YOU GIVE= WE GIVE Winners and Thank-you's!

I know I'm extremely late with this post due to my absence, but better late than never. I just wanted to take this time to thank EACH AND EVERY single person who helped this incredible cause in one way shape, or form.

To those who donated books or cash to go towards gifts that were placed under the Kmart Wishing Tree--THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! It was so amazing to see how many of you wanted to help make someones day this passed Christmas and your endless generosity was outstanding. I was so touched that so many of you wanted to contribute! I know I speak for myself, Jess and Brodie when I say none of this would have been possible if you all weren't so eager to help out!

To all the authors and publishers who donated to the prize packs or sent books to be placed under the tree, Jess, Brodie and I are so grateful for all your support and generosity towards the You Give=We Give event. Thank-you for sharing with someone less fortunate!

And here they are, the winners, who I'm sure are all very aware of their win thanks to Jess and Brodie--sorry it's taken me so long announce you guys here, lol.

Aussie Prize Packs:
Prize Pack 1 - Sheree D
Prize Pack 2 - Amie K
Prize Pack 3 - Shelleyrae C
Prize Pack 4 - Alison S
Prize Pack 5 - Skye H
Prize Pack 6 - Rebecca A
Prize Pack 7 - Erin W
Prize Pack 8 - Sharon C
Prize Pack 9 - Skye H

Prize Pack 1 - Shirley G
Prize Pack 2 - Rebecca A
Prize Pack 2 - Michelle A
Prize Pack 4 - Jana R
Prize Pack 5 - Braiden A
Prize Pack 6 - Kathy C

Prize Pack 1 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 2 - Erin B
Prize Pack 3 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 4 - Rachel C
Prize Pack 5 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 6 - Jena F
Prize Pack 7 - Erin B
Prize Pack 8 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 9 - Erin B
Prize Pack 10 - Jena F
Prize Pack 11 - Rachel C

We only had one UK entrant, so Donna R... you won them all! :)

Congradulations! Every single one of you derserves your prize/s for being so giving and generous! Thank-you for taking part and enjoy your goodies.

And one last time....THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart to everyone who made this event such a success and for lending their time, donations and love into making You Give=We Give such nice event to be a part of. Jess, Brodie and I wanted to do something to give back, but it was YOU who made it all possible. We thank you more than I can ever say.

To Jess and Brodie: You girls are so amazing! I was so honoured to be asked to be a part of this and you both made this an incredible experience with your good natures, fantastic sense of humour and desire to give back! Thank-you for making this experience so amazing! I've loved every minute of being a part of this with you! It's through You Give=We Give that I've forged friendships with you beautiful ladies. Those emails, Facebook conversations and random humor have left me giggling and laughing my ass off so many times. Brodie's one liners and Jess's random comments never fail to put a smile on my face. I'm so thrilled to call you friends!
And a special shout out goes to Jess, for coming up with this idea and for being the driving machine behind so much of this. It was your kind heart and beautiful soul that set this all in motion---thank-you for being you!


  1. AWWW!!! Have I mentioned I love you lately? I LOVE YOU <3 I am so honoured to have been working with both you and Jess on this too, you're such amazing (and slightly crazy) girls :)

    And yes, thank you Jess for coming up with this amazing idea and all you've done! Both of you girls rock. Hardcore. Except when you try and steal YA guys that don't belong to you. That's the only time you suck :P

    Congrats to all the winners!

  2. Awww, I love ya too girl!! Seriously--you rock! <3 <3 Just don't tell Braiden I said that---last time he caught me and Jess saying similar stuff he went all guy on us. *rolls eyes* LAMO!
    And hey! Pot calling kettle anyone?

    Well, I can't speak for Jess cos she does try to steal MY men, but I don't steal anyone. They're mine to begin with. Some of them anyway *cough* Kerrick *cough* ^_^


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