Friday, November 18, 2011

Announcing the release of a new interactive e-book

The fantastic folks over at Fiction Express have today announced the release of a new interactive e-book, released tomorrow! For those who don't know what an interactive e-book is, it's a story that is released gradually over time online and is open to the general public. You read chapters as they're released, comment and can interact with other readers. It's a fantastic way to read books and today I'm thrilled to show you.....

Falling Backwards by Jenny Ryan

When a stranger takes the seat next to Leah on the plane to Mexico and unburdens her unhappy story, Leah finds herself involved in someone else's life in a way she'd never thought possible. Can Leah help April correct the mistakes of her past and find peace at last? Will she risk losing herself in the process?

Reviewers have said:

"This is one of those books where you know from the start it is going to be your new favourite."
Zoe, Bookhi blog

"I've had a sneaky peak at chapter 1, and I can tell you it's brilliant." Jenni, Juniper's Jungle blog

This looks like an awesome new contemporary novels and I urge you all to head on over and check it out!
Find Falling Backwards here!

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