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Book Shelf: True Blue (Paterson Sisters #2) by Sasha Wasley

Love is random. Accidental. You just live your life and then one day it’ll hit you with the right person.

Wandering soul Freya ‘Free’ Paterson has finally come back home. Idealistic and trusting, she’s landed the job of her dreams working on an art project with the local school, but she hadn’t planned on meeting the man of her dreams as well.

With his irresistible Irish accent, Constable Finn Kelly is everything Free wants – genuine, kind . . . and handsome as hell. He’s also everything Free isn’t – stable and dependable. Yet despite the passion simmering between them, he just wants to be friends. What is he trying to hide?

As Free throws herself into the challenges of her new job, fending off the unwelcome advances of a colleague and helping to save her beloved Herne River, Finn won’t stay out of her way, or out of her heart.

But just when she needs him the most, will Finn reveal his true colours?

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True Blue is the second novel in Sasha Walsey’s Paterson Sisters series is another passionate and riveting rural fiction tale brimming with romance and personal development.

Freya “Free” Paterson is known for her wandering heart and her flighty nature, but after all her travelling she has finally returned to her home town of Mount Clair after landing a job working on an art project for the local high school. Working with the kids is easier than Free thought and as she finds herself inspired by their passion and desire to learn, Free begins flourishing in her new job. It also doesn’t hurt that she seems to have met the man of her dreams in Irish expat Constable Finn Kelly. If only he would give into the desire that simmers between them instead of holding her at arm’s length. As Free throws herself into work and the recent redevelopment plans for the local dam, fighting against her feelings for Finn becomes near impossible. Sometimes love finds you where you least expect and when it’s real, overcoming your differences can have the power to make or break your relationship. Will Free convince Finn to take a chance on them? Or will the level headed but kind policeman decide Free’s spirit too much to handle?

After falling in love with Willow and Paterson Downs in the first novel, Dear Banjo, I was so excited to visit the characters once more. Introducing readers to Free Paterson, the younger sister of previous main character Willow, True Blue is perfect for those wanting to get to know Willow’s sister, but can also be easily read as a stand lone novel. Sasha Wasley once again draws readers into a lush country town and fills it with vibrant personalities full of colour and kindness.

As expected, there’s a lot to love within True Blue. Encompassing so much beauty about the Australian outback and Aussie spirit, True Blue is captivating with its poise and integrity. Through Free, Wasley explores important themes including the effects of land development on agriculture and finding ones own version of happiness and mixes them with romance, friendship and humour against a quintessential Australian backdrop.

Free is very much the passionate individual and her way of seeing the world is unlike many others. Though she has travelled abroad quite a bit, Free is still somewhat naive about the nature of man and tends to see the best in things. Her kindness and inability to understand peoples motives gets her in trouble throughout True Blue as does her flighty and harebrained, often forgetful, nature. There are moments whilst reading you will find yourself shaking your head at Free but she honestly is just a good person and she expects everyone to be the same.

In True Blue Free finds a friend and then lover in the form of Finn. Admittedly Finn was less “Irish” than I expected after reading the books description, but I enjoyed the genuine, down to earth individual he was. Free and Finn’s relationship begins with a series of funny misunderstandings that make for a laugh and I especially enjoyed seeing how they ended up “sharing” Max—that made me laugh.

Fun, light but beautifully written and instilled with just enough Australian heritage and heart, True Blue is another authentic tasting rural fiction story and leaves me highly excited to see what Sasha Wasley has up her sleeve where the final Paterson Sister, Beth, is concerned. I have no doubt it will be as bewitching as its predecessors!

Source: Sent for review by publisher (Thank you guys!)
Publisher: PenguinRandom House AU
Format: Paperback
Australian RRP: $32.99
Release Date: May 28th 2018
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Final Thoughts: Another great Australian story full of heart. I'm looking forward to reading about the final sister Beth as soon as I can.

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