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Spotlight: Golden by Melinda Michaels- Excerpt & Giveaway

On the blog today I have the pleasure of showcasing Golden by Melinda Michaels! Thanks to the lovely Melinda I've got a fantastic excerpt to share as well as a SIGNED copy of Golden to give away to one lucky international follower :)

High school senior Hanna Loch just suffered a blackout in front of her entire homeroom class. She hasn’t had one in over ten years, and she’s terrified—the last time she blacked out, she woke up with no memory of her life before. To make matters worse, no one can explain why it happens. For Hanna, bad things tend to come in threes.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover it . . .

When she learns she could be a descendant of someone who lived once upon a time, Hanna must put her trust in William Vann, a descendant of one of the most hated villains ever known. Their histories are intertwined in more ways than she expected, and he has answers about her past, answers even her family won’t share.

But is it safe to put her trust in someone who appears to be danger reincarnate, while trying to escape the darkness that tried to kill her ten years ago?

A loose fairytale retelling, GOLDEN is a story that’s just right, weaving together lost secrets, vengeful enemies, and what happens when fiction becomes reality.  


From Golden.....

The snowy mix that fell around her began to lighten up. She tucked one of her pale, shoulder-length strands behind her ear. Her hair was slightly wet and she grumbled at the thought of it frizzing as she watched the half-melted snowflakes disappear into the black pavement. She and the rest of New Hope were surprised at how mild the winter had been, and as she looked to the woods on either side of the road, she acknowledged the peacefulness of it all. The world was quiet and still and she couldn't help but think that it looked sort of enchanting.

She smiled to herself. She would have bet a week’s worth of tips that no one had ever called New Hope enchanting. The mist hung dreamlike in the air, as if a cloud had settled to earth; the falling wet snow made her feel strangely calm. She shook her head. . . maybe that blackout had affected her more than she thought.

Hanna hardly recognized the sound of screeching tires on wet pavement. She looked up and saw an old truck speeding towards her through the fog. She’d begun crossing the road without even knowing.

She inhaled sharply, lifting her hands as everything around her went into slow-motion. She thought about how stupid she was for putting her hands up, as if they’d deter the speeding pile of metal about to kill her. She saw everything in that instant before her impending death: the driver’s face, whose eyes were wide as he noticed her; the paper cup he held in front of his face, partially covering his expression; the cold wind that blew and the falling mist seemed suspended in mid air. She saw every detail as her thoughts were littered with inconsequential things instead of flashes of her life. She couldn’t move, even if she had the sense to try and jump out of the way.

Why do people hold their breath when they’re about to be injured? she wondered as she closed her eyes and braced herself. Her heart felt like it stopped as the screeching of rubber on pavement echoed around her. Did her body know that her heart was going to stop beating anyway, but decided to just cut out the middle man and quit on its own? This was a ridiculous thing to be thinking at the moment. Are these my last thoughts?

She felt the sudden rush of something big blow past her. She tried to match the sound of a speeding car and crunching metal to the image of the old truck running her over, but it didn’t match. Why was there crunching metal but no pain? Paralyzed with fear, she could barely move her legs. Opening her eyes, she saw something completely different from what she had expected a split second earlier.

She saw the old truck that was only a foot from where she stood and to her surprise, a brand new, light blue Ford F-150 was crunched up into the side of it. Smoke and vapors rose from the collision, and she could almost taste the gasoline coming from the wreck.

Want more? Get your copy of Golden today!
Melinda Michaels is the author of Golden and currently lives in Pennsylvania. A self-proclaimed historian with a rare sense of humor, Melinda finds an immense amount of joy in knowing useless facts, exploring historical places and drinking copious amounts of coffee. When she’s not writing she can be found researching obscured time periods for her own amusement or refurbishing old furniture. Melinda loves Philadelphia and visits often to enjoy the city with her husband Andrew. Together they have three rambunctious pets. Archie the Beagle, Winston the Boston Terrier and Beatrice the cat. Golden is the first in a Young Adult magic realism series.

Visit Melinda:
Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

a Rafflecopter giveaway I want to thank Melinda Michaels for being on the blog today :) Golden is happily sitting in my to-read pile and is something I whole heartedly look forward to reading. I urge you all to check out Melinda's novel and enter for your chance to win a signed copy!


  1. I have always loved BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

  2. Cinderella is my favorite fairytale. Thank you for the international giveaway :)


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