Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Book Shelf: The Seventh by S.D. Wasley

Sixteen year old Mimi Alston has company. No less than three ghosts follow her around, and only she can see them. At her last school, she was known as the girl with imaginary friends. Now Mimi’s starting fresh in a new town, where she’s determined to make some real friends and fit in for once. She’s ready for a normal life...except Mimi never counted on her fascination with troubled goth-boy, Drew.

When she’s invited to join the elite Gifted Program, Mimi discovers she’s not the only one at the school with an unusual talent. Maybe being normal isn’t even an option anymore.

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The Seventh is S.D. Wasley’s debut novel and is a supernatural tale that weaves different elements of the paranormal together with friendship and romance in this first novel that kicks off Wasley’s debut series.

The Seventh follows sixteen year old Miette "Mimi" Alston, a teenage girl who has spent the last three years of her life accompanied by three ghosts at all times. Known for her odd nature and the problems her ghosts can cause, Mini’s school life has been nothing but difficulties. So when her psychologist recommends Etherall Valley Prep, a school that focuses on managing problem children, a category Mimi falls into with her diagnosed delusions, Mimi takes a chance on EVP, unaware her life is about to change forever. Soon invited to participate in a Gifted program, Mimi is shocked to discover other individuals with abilities similar to hers and quickly discovers that having her gift isn’t necessarily the curse she believed it to be……

As far as storyline’s go, the one within The Seventh was quite solid. S.D. Wasley’s writing is easy to read and her main character easy to follow. From what I discovered in this first instalment I’m thinking The Seventh will be a part of a series and Wasley supports this by setting up many possibilities with where the storyline could possibly go. The Seventh sets the stage are far as storyline development and mythology are concerned, and while it’s a fairly basic storyline for now, Wasley clearly has a bigger picture in mind.

Mimi is an easy enough main character to follow. She’s very normal despite the fact she has ghosts following her at all times and I enjoyed her developing relationships with the other characters. S.D. Wasley gives Mimi people who can understand where she’s coming and who have been insimilar situations in the form of Drew, Gabe, Mona, Ed, Cassie and Patience who are all a part of the Gifted program and who have different abilities of their own.

Obviously there’s a romance between Mimi and goth-boy Drew that was actually quite sweet. They were endearing to be honest and I liked that they grew from a friendship, and that despite their obvious crushes on each other, they got to know each other first before a romantic relationship developed.

S.D. Wasley ends this instalment of her debut series perfectly with enough excitement, development and revelations to leave me wondering what will happen next. Likable characters combined with a paranormal element make for an entertaining read.

Source: Sent for review by the author (Thank you S.D!)
Format: Kindle ebook
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My Recommendation: Looking for something magical? This one is for you!
Cover: This cover is really pretty--I love it!
Will I read sequel/continue with series: Yes, I'm looking forward to more.

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