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Book Shelf: Broken Compass (Supernatural Prison Story #1) by Jaymin Eve

Maximus Compass is a vampire without direction. Without heart. And without soul. He lost his true mate in the great battle against the dragon king, and now must face life alone.

And yet … something is happening to his agony. It’s fading away, leaving him with barely a memory of the female he believed to be his one and only.
As his mind clears he starts to wonder if the mate bond had been nothing more than a manufactured ploy? This suspicion explodes within him right around the time he runs back into a certain wolf shifter.

Mischa Lebron is a complication he doesn’t need in his life. He can’t erase her from his mind though, and while memories of his supposed true mate continue to fade into mere shadows, his one night with Mischa is blazingly strong. But they’re not of the same supernatural race, so there’s no way for a a true bond to exist between them.


When an old threat rips apart their pack, Maximus will come to realize that he would do anything to save Mischa. That the mate he thought was perfect and precious was nothing on the shifter he walked away from. Now Maximus truly has everything to lose.

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Broken Compass is the first novel in the Supernatural Prison spin-off series by Jaymin Eve that features Compass brother Maximus and wolf-shifter Mischa. Kicking off a new series of stories that will feature all remaining unmated Compass brothers (and Louis!) on their roads to happily ever after, Broken Compass is a fast paced, easily devourable read that fans of the original novels are sure to adore.

Vampire Maximus Compass was left broken after his mate was killed in the recent battle against the dragon king. Unable to cope with his loss Max chose to leave his home and those he loves to loose himself amongst his grief. Yet the more time passes the more his connection to his late mate seems to dissipate, leaving Max to wonder if the true mate connection he felt was even real at all. Wolf shifter Mischa Lebron has been through a lot recently and she has a lot of regrets where her actions were concerned, but the one thing she can’t regret is her one night with Max, even if he then went on to find his mate and turned away from her. Expecting his child certainly wasn’t the plan either, but with the birth looming closer, Mischa knows that sooner or later she will have to tell Max about the child she carries. Max’s guilt over the thoughts he has about Mischa consumes him; he’s struggling to recall his mate, but his time with Mischa blazes within his memory. They’re of different races and therefore  can’t be true mates but as their attraction burns stronger than ever, will Max and Mischa discover that they’re meant to be together after all?

Having enjoyed the initial series Supernatural Prison—after getting off to a shaky start—I was very excited about beginning Broken Compass. I honestly feel these books have just gotten better with each instalment and having followed Jessa for three tales, I was looking forward to following Mischa and Maximus for a little bit. And I was very satisfied with the results.

Set in the same world and told in the dual POV of both Mischa and Maximus, Broken Compass had a fresh feel but also included all the elements I enjoyed about the previous series as well as the characters I loved in the past. Unfolding in both main characters back and forth perspectives allowed for a well-rounded tale that gave me the chance to get to know both main characters in a way I really enjoyed. This wasn't the case in Supernatural Prison as we only followed Jessa and I do definitely prefer dual prospective where romance is concerned so Broken Compass appealed to me in this respect.

I found that I liked Mischa and Maximus more in Broken Compass than I have previously in any of the other books. Perhaps it’s that so much of their actions and attitudes were finally explained. They also both seem to have attitude adjustments and their ideas of what is important have changed. This made them much more likable characters in my eyes. Their relationship has grown and I very much enjoyed their connection.

Exciting and adorable at times, Broken Compass was a great read and concludes Mischa and Maximus's story beautifully. I can't wait to begin Tyson and Grace's story next and will be diving straight in and well as awaiting the day when I can get my hands on Louis and Jacob's stories too!

Source: Read via Kindle Unlimited (I also own a signed paperback copy)
Publisher: Published by author
Format: Kindle ebook
Release Date:
August 21st 2016
Purchase: The Book Depository | Amazon | Barnes & Noble 
Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this tale and will be keen to read the next one.

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