Saturday, September 24, 2011

YOU GIVE= WE GIVE Progress Update #1

Date: 24/9/2011

Progress Thoughts:
I'm so excited that this campaign has kicked off and am ecstatic to help make some one's day this Christmas. I've gotten a few great books recently from both Simon & Schuster Australia and Pan Macmillan so a big thank-you goes to them. Also, I must say thanks to Erin from Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic who sent me Vampire Academy and Heavenly--thanks a bunch Erin! I myself have a few titles that I'm going to donate, but I have to sort them out so I'll probably post them with the next update post if not, the one after.

Picture Evidence:

Future Hopes:
I can't believe the amazing response we've had from publishers and the generally public already! You guys are all so generous and giving, and honestly want to give something back this year. None of this would be possible without your kindness and I hope that we can touch as many people as we can and brighten someones day!

Links to each of our Blogs:

Jess @ She Known As Jess BlogSpot
Brodie @ Eleusinian Mysteries
Rachel @ The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Thank you Note:
A HUGE thank you to every single author and publisher who donated novels toward both our prize packs and the Christmas tree. You guys are amazing and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and kindness!


A HUGE thank you to every single blogger, reader and anyone who has donated novels toward our Christmas tree piles. You guys are amazing and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and kindness!

You Give = We Give.

Would you like to make someone’s life a little brighter this Christmas? Then be sure to check out our event You Give = We Give, for not only the chance to give but also the chance to WIN amazing Prize Packs yourself!

Donating Options:
You Give = We Give will run from September 10th until December 15. During the event you can either:

- PayPal = Big or Small – Every Dollar Counts!

- Donate through PayPal - We all have a donate button on our blogs.

- Buy a book from an online bookstore and have it sent to us.
Book Depository / Amazon / An Online Store

- Personally send us any extra books you have laying around .

Sending a novel through an online store or personally; email us for an address to send them too.

YouGive_WeGive (AT) hotmail (DOT) com


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  1. It's been fantastic already! So nice to know some kids kids will be reading these awesome books come Christmas time :) Publishers and authors and readers are totally awesome! <3


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