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Book Shelf: Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison #1) by Jaymin Eve

As a wolf shifter with razor-sharp senses, Jessa Lebron can perceive the slightest change in the air. And her lupine instincts go into overdrive right before her mother, who abandoned her years ago, returns to the pack bearing secrets that change everything.

The biggest secret of all: Jessa is dragon marked, a designation that places her in grave danger. The dragon marked are destined to resurrect the dragon king, a fearsome ancient warmonger. And they must be eliminated.

Soon Jessa is locked up in Vanguard, the notorious paranormal prison that houses criminal vampires, feys, and magic users. Thankfully, she’s not alone: Braxton Compass, her best friend and a dragon shifter, has her back. Jessa and Braxton must find a way to free themselves and the rest of the dragon marked. But can her pack mates help her stop the dragon king before his deadly return?

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Dragon Marked is the first novel in Jaymin Eve’s Supernatural Prison series, a paranormal New Adult tale that is an explosion of supernatural creatures, friendship and a storyline with plenty of twists and turns.

Twenty two year old Jessa Lebron is a wolf shifter, the daughter of an alpha and someone used to taking care of herself. Yet Jessa’s world changes when her estranged mother returns to the scene, bringing with her secrets that will change everything Jessa thought she knew about herself. With the recent revelations sending Jessa’s lupine nature into a spin, the only thing keeping Jessa sane are her four closest friends and quadruplets, the Compass brothers. Discovering she is one of the dragon marked, individuals hunted and killed, Jessa soon finds herself locked up in Vanguard, a prison for supernaturals. Thankfully Jessa isn’t alone; her best friend Braxton is by her side, but with various groups determined to bring Jessa and her family down, Jessa and Braxton will have to find a way to escape before the inmates within Vanguard silence them forever.

For me, Jaymin Eve is one of those authors whose novel’s I head into just know I’m going to enjoy. Her ability to create vivid and complex worlds with strong willed characters wins me over every time, and although Dragon Marked wasn’t my favourite of her novels, I still found it to be easy reading with a storyline that was very forward moving. There was a lot thrown into the tale and readers will quickly find themselves caught up in the story.

Dragon Marked introduces readers to determined, food obsessed and mouthy wolf shifter Jessa. Jessa has a very strong personality that comes across throughout the novel through her sharp and sassy inner monologue. There were a few occasions whilst reading where I felt Jessa’s personality did come on too strong for my own personal liking, but overall I found her to be easy to follow.

Jaymin Eve introduces a lot of characters to this novel including the four Compass brothers Braxton, Maximus, Jacob and Tyson. The closeness between Jessa and the brothers was sweet—they essentially consider themselves a pack but again, on occasion, I felt like there was too much thrown into the story. Their personalities and domination came across as excessive and I think the novel would have benefited a subtler approach in this respect. That being said, I did like them, as well as Mischa and Grace who I’m hoping to see more of.

Overall, I found Dragon Marked to be well worth a read. Jaymin Eve concludes this installation at the perfect moment to leave you wanting more and I find myself keen to see what happens to Jessa and her friends next!

Source: Read via Kindle Unlimited
Publisher: Skyscape
Format: Kindle copy but I also own a signed paperback
Release Date: November 17th 2015
Purchase: The Book Depository | Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Final Thoughts: I think this series is very promising and am looking forward to reading more.

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